.au Complaints Process

If you have a .com.au, .id.au, or .org.au domain, please note that licenses may be suspended or cancelled within 24 hours of the registry becoming satisfied that there is a breach. There is a 30-day grace period for suspended licensees, during which the registrant will be allowed to update their details or otherwise rectify the breach; the domain cannot be transferred during this time. If the information information is not updated sufficient to rectify the breach, the domain will be cancelled at the end of the 30 day period and the domain will be available for registration. All .au policies can be found on the auDA website.

If you have a complaint about your own .au domain, please submit a complaint via our help form, specifying your domain name. We will contact you via email to help you with your concern.

If you have a complaint about someone else’s .au domain, please submit a complaint via our abuse forms, using the appropriate form for the abuse type and specifying the domain name. We will investigate your complaint and take appropriate action but may not contact you directly.