I don’t want to consent, what are my options?

It depends on the product. If it is a synchronous service, where we are able to substitute placeholder data for any consent-based personal data, we will gladly do so, and you won’t experience any change to your product or service.

There are some products where this substitution is not an option; these are what we call asynchronous, as the placeholder data would end up being rejected by the registry. In these cases, we will inform you of this and explain that the only way to withdraw consent is to cancel that service. This is because, while Tucows doesn’t require this consent-based data, it is required by the registry or service provider, and that registry or provider has not offered a GDPR-compliant data erasure request process. While ideally, we would replace this consent-based data with placeholder data, we are not permitted to do so by the registry or provider, and so the service would need to be canceled in order for the withdrawal of consent to have any real effect.