Submitting Court and Legal Documents to Tucows Inc.


UDRP Complaint submission

Court Documents submission

Tucows is the registrar of the domain name in dispute that is the subject of my complaint, do I need to name Tucows in the legal action I file?

No. It is not necessary to name Tucows in a legal dispute regarding a domain name registered at Tucows. Tucows will comply with any Order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction regarding the final disposition of the domain name at issue.

IIs it necessary to name Contact Privacy Inc, in a legal action I file if the domain name uses Contact Privacy Inc privacy service?

No. It is not necessary to name Contact Privacy Inc. in a legal dispute. Contact Privacy Inc. is a private registration service and has no control over the domain name or any associated website content. Like Tucows, Contact Privacy Inc. will comply with any Order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.

What should be included in court orders sent to Tucows

Court orders should be as specific as possible, but at a minimum, must include:

• The affected domain name(s) 

• The specific action that Tucows or the “registrar of record” is being requested to take regarding the domain name.

• If plaintiff is seeking control of a registrant’s domain name, the court order must specify the name of the domain name(s).

Can non-Canadian-based court documents be submitted?

Yes. Tucows will accept court documents from Canada, Denmark, Germany, and the U.S.A. If the documents are not in English, French, German, or Danish, we require the following:

• Original court-stamped copy, and

• A certified English translation of the court-stamped copy.

Are there additional requirements for Settlement Agreements?

Yes. In order for Tucows to implement terms associated with a settlement agreement, the settlement agreement must:

• Have notarized signatures from both parties;

• Specify the affected domain name(s); and

• Include a statement that the litigation will be dismissed.

Are there additional requirements for Receiverships?

Yes. All receivership orders must:

• Explicitly list the domain name(s) that are to be moved separately from other assets, and

• State that the Receiver is to manage and/or sell the domain name(s).