Whois Data Reminder Policy (WDRP)

This policy is enforced by ICANN and requires all Registrars to annually present each Registrant with the current Whois info associated with the Registrant’s domain(s).

This information is sent via email to the Registrant in a WDRP message. The message contains a link to a page where the Registrant may update their Whois info, should they need to do so. If the Whois info is still up-to-date and complete, no action is required on the part of the Registrant. A lack of response on the part of Registrant is assumed to mean that the Whois info presented was accurate.

Tucows sends a WDRP message to each Registrant 120 days before their domain’s expiry date. For domains that are registered for multiple years, this information is sent via email, 120 days before the anniversary of the domain’s initial registration date.